I'm sorry but I truly love snow.

I love how it dampens the sound so when you go out for a walk, it's beyond quiet.

I also love how it feels to come in and have a nice warm beverage.

I know, I'm not normal.

Day 2


Hello world

My new blog in all its simplistic glory.

Yes, yes, yes, I know, engineers shouldn't have simplistic websites. They should have a bunch of wiz bang stuff that makes you go Oooohhhhh and Aaaahhhhh. That's nice in concept but I never was the flashy gui guy. I was always the guy creating the DB and code that actually ran the site while the photoshop expert made it look nice. Now that I don't have the time to properly maintain a DB and all the rest, I do this kind of development instead. I.e. Static sites that load ultra fast. In turn I can work more on things in the real world like robots.

So happy new year and all the rest. Lets see what stirs the imagination this year.

New Year - New Blog


Hello world


More testings.

This is the end.