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This is brutal, I wonder if he spelled his name correctly?

The outcry and media frenzy that Mr. Brown's books create are loved for the loot they rake in. When people ask me if I have ever read anything by him I tell them no because...well he's a hack writer. At the peak of the books frenzy I did some research on just a few of the supposed factual notations and was rather shocked to see how easy it was to show them to be false.

Given that the frenzy has pretty much died I haven't needed to do any additional research. Then I found this site and was blown away by the sheer volume of factual errors Mr. Brown has made in not just one but two books. Have a read for yourself. Sticking to the more science-y ones, here are my favs.

"- The pilot of the X-33 claims that at sixty thousand feet, people weigh thirty percent less (15). This is pure nonsense. Rising 60,000 feet from the earth will decrease one'’s weight by less than 0.6%. For information on the effects of altitude on weight, see this page."

"- In one of his lecture-y moments, Langdon mentions the Polish astronomer Copernicus. Kohler interrupts, saying that the church murdered Copernicus and other scientists "for revealing scientific truths." (31) Copernicus died from complications from a stroke in 1543, soon after the publication of his De revolutionibus orbium coelestium. There is no evidence that Copernicus was murdered by the church."

"In a useless flashback, Langdon recalls a lecture he gave in his Symbology 212 class where he tells his class that "The practice of 'god-eating' -– that is, Holy Communion -– was borrowed from the Aztecs." (243) It'’s unclear exactly how this would have occurred, seeing as the communion has its roots in the Last Supper (somewhere around 30 C.E.) and the Aztec civilization did not rise until the 14th century. Even if the Aztecs had been around when the practice of communion began, there’s was no contact between Europeans and inhabitants of Central American at that time, what with Columbus not reaching the New World until 1492."


As Homer Simpson once said, "Facts Facts, you can prove anything with facts." Seems you can prove anything without them too.

(rolls eyes)

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